He's big, he's hairy, he's extinct (and he probably smelled bad). He may have been a mastodon rather than a mammoth. Or he may have been a girl. But the Indians found a big horn in the bank of the Chemung River (Chemung is supposed to mean Valley of the Big Horn) and legend is that it was a mammoth tusk.

We are still finding these things in Chemung County, and in September of 1999, a nearly complete mastodon skeleton was found in the course of a pond excavation in Pine Valley, near some of Big Horn Velo's favorite routes. Cornell University purchased the skeleton and you can read all about it and look at pictures of intelligent young men and women looking for bones in the mud at the Gilbert Mastodon Website.

There are other mascots with horns: cows, deer, buffalo, unicorns (extinct), and little red devils (?!?) --as well as various musical instruments: trumpets, cornets, tubas, crumhorns (nearly extinct) that might also qualify as jersey decor. E-mail suggestions preferably w/sample gif or jpg or other graphic file to art director Gene Carr.