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President Bill Lodico
Treasurer Bob Nunnink
Secretary Shawn Harrington
Touring Director Lynne Williams
Mountain Bike Director Steve Burlingame
Webmaster Shawn Harrington
Listserve Manager Darryl Heckle

By-Laws of Big Horn Velo

Article 1. Purpose: The purpose of the club shall be foremost to provide increased opportunities for its members to enjoy the sport of bicycling and, incidentally, to promote bicycling activities in the Chemung River Valley and surrounding region. As Chemung means the valley of the big horn, so named because of a mammoth tusk discovered by its American Indian inhabitants, the club will be called Big Horn Velo.

Article 2. Statement in Favor of Policy of Keeping Things Simple. In keeping with the purpose stated in Article 1, the club shall always endeavor to keep its organization and all administrative functions as simple as possible, so that all members may spend as much time as possible riding their bicycles, and be required to spend as little time as necessary engaged in the organizational and administrative functions of the club.

Article 3. Members. There shall be two classes of enrolled members: voting members and household members. Household members must be part of the household of a voting member and are entitled to the privileges of enrolled membership (except voting privileges) without payment of dues. Each voting member may have one adult household member and an unlimited number of minor household members. Each voting member shall have voting privileges and shall have one vote, except that the each of the four organizing members shall during the first two years of the club's life have five votes. USCF and NORBA riders who wish to qualify as riders attached to Big Horn Velo must be voting members, or if household members, must pay an attachment surcharge. Dues and the attachment surcharge shall be established by the organizing members for the first year. Increases may be levied by unanimous action of the elected officers, or by majority vote of the membership, in succeeding years.

Article 5. Non-members. Non-members are invited and encouraged to participate in all Big Horn Velo activities. Non-members shall have freely extended to them the primary privilege of membership--the fun and companionship of riding with other bicyclists--merely upon showing up for Big Horn Velo rides, and for that purpose shall be considered "members". They shall not, however, be considered "members" as that term is used, defined, or construed in the remainder of these by-laws, in the club's agreements of affiliation or membership with the League of American Bicyclists (LAB) or USA Cycling Inc. (USCF and NORBA) or insurance policies provided under the auspices of those organizations or otherwise secured by the club.

Article 6. Officers. There shall be a president and such other officers as the membership shall designate by vote, responsible for transacting such business as the club may require. Financial accounts shall be maintained by the president or by the treasurer of the club; a statement of the accounts shall be published for each calendar year, on or before May 31 of the following year, commencing May 31, 1999.

Article 7. In order to eliminate the burdens associated with mailings, there shall be no mailings. Notices of votes of the membership and other announcements shall be made by e-mail and by posting to its web page, and, optionally, by posting in a bicycle shop or shops designated for such purpose by the president or by the corresponding secretary of the club. E-mail addresses of all members shall be made available to the entire membership.

Article 8. Meetings of the membership and voting. To the extent possible, all meetings of the membership shall be done in an informal manner, while on bicycles. Written communications may be made to the president or other officers by e-mail. The president and other officers shall not be obligated to communicate by any means other than e-mail or other internet electronic methods. Formal votes shall be conducted by e-mail, and polls shall be posted electronically so that the results of any votes may be audited by the membership. Notice of voting shall include a clear statement of issues on which ballots are to be cast, shall set forth the deadline (record date) for receipt of the ballot, and shall be made at least two weeks prior to record date of the vote, to give all who may be interested an opportunity to make their arguments prior to a vote being taken. Balloting shall be open, and there shall be no secret ballot. A quorum shall consist of however many members choose to vote electronically by e-mail on or before the record date specified by proper notice that a vote will be taken.

Article 9. Any voting member who lacks access to internet services should designate another member as his agent for receiving notice of votes of the membership and as his proxy for votes of the membership.

Article 10. These by-laws may be amended by a three-quarters majority vote of the membership.

Approved and adopted by organizing members Gene Carr, Tony Ciccariello, Louis Lodico III, Bill Lodico, May 1998

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