Please note: We are a small club, and have found that attempts to set up a formal calendar with scheduled rides tend to result in individual riders going through the trouble of showing up for a ride at an appointed time only to ride alone after all. The BHV listserve has proved a godsend, allowing riders to confirm rides, discuss route preferences and meeting times and locations, and to set up small group rides at the drop of a hat. The foregoing "schedule" is less a calendar than an outline of rides that have developed over time. Please use the listserve to set up rides when and where you want them and to invite others to join you. That's what it's for. If a more or less regular ride develops that you would like placed on this page, let us know.


Most Tuesdays there are road and mountain bike rides leaving from Kingsbury's Cyclery, Elmira, at 6PM. The road rides may include fast and easy riders, who simply split up according to ability. Sometimes there are rides leaving other locations. Check the listserve to stay up to date.


Wednesdays there is a Luna Chix Velo ride will be leaving from Kingsbury's Cyclery, Elmira, at 6PM. Always a good idea to check and post on the listserve to make sure you've got someone to ride with.


Every Thursday (unless the weather is really horrible) there is a road ride leaving Kingsbury's Cyclery at 6PM. There is generally an easy "smell the roses" group ride and a separate "hard, fast" group ride. Sometimes there are a few rebellious mountain bike riders who go off and do their own thing. All are invited to Manzari's (Miller St, Southside Elmira) afterwards for spaghetti (and at least until we get the Chemung County Legislature to face up to its responsibilities, an unfortunate dose of second hand cigarette smoke, except on those warm days when we can prevail on the management to keep the doors and windows wide open). Again, using the listerve to confirm routes, start locations and times, is a good idea.


Generally "easy riders" try to get together Saturday and/or Sunday afternoons for a road ride, coordinating through the listserve.

We hold a Diners Club Century most weekends, usually with a Saturday morning start time. These are are long, hilly, demanding rides appropriate only for those who either already are or intend to become accomplished long distance riders; but the group does not aspire to exclusivity, and welcomes those looking to have a go at this peculiarly entertaining brand of marathonic endurance exercise. As the name implies, we try to schedule a sit down meal at a diner somewhere along the way. If this seems like something you might be interested in, post your questions and check frequently for scheduled rides on the listserve.

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